VXUH22 DENSO Iridium Tough Spark Plug 5611-4 Plugs

DENSO Iridium Tough Spark Plug [VXUH22] 5611 - 4 Plugs: Car & Motorbike. Buy DENSO Iridium Tough Spark Plug [VXUH22] 5611 - 4 Plugs at UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.. Improved cold-starting 。 More efficient fuel consumption 。 Better engine performance and acceleration 。 Smoother idling performance and throttle response 。 Original equipment quality now available to the aftermarket 。 DENSO has been setting the standard for spark plug technology since 1959. They develop all of their ranges in-house, and manufacture them in their own ISO9000 certified factories worldwide - with 'zero defects' as standard. They also provide this outstanding OE quality to the aftermarket. Including Standard, Platinum and Iridium, DENSO Spark Plugs cover a complete range of continually updated references. Guaranteeing optimum engine performance, choose DENSO Spark Plugs for every automotive, motorcycle, marine and small engine application.。Iridium Tough Spark Plugs combine all the performance advantages of DENSO's Iridium Power with long-life Platinum technology, producing an extended lifetime of up to 100,000 km. This extra durability offers motorists a longer service interval and reduced plug maintenance. DENSO's Iridium Tough range also reduces vehicle emissions and improves fuel economy by up to 5% compared with most standard spark plugs.。Using 0.4mm diameter iridium centre electrode, Iridium Tough displays superb ignitability and low required voltage, drawing out better performance from your car - increased acceleration, accelerator response, operational stability, and lower fuel consumption. On you day-to-day drive it will realise a comfortable and long drive in addition to low fuel consumption.。� Thread Ø: 1mm。� Thread Reach: 19.0mm。� Hex Size:16.0mm。� Heat Range: 。� Plug Type: 0.4mm Iridium centre electrode; platinum tipped ground electrode 。 。 。

VXUH22 DENSO Iridium Tough Spark Plug 5611-4 Plugs

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VXUH22 DENSO Iridium Tough Spark Plug 5611-4 Plugs

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