Climair P0021 Window Visors Black

Climair P0021 Window Visors, Black: Car & Motorbike. Buy Climair P0021 Window Visors, Black at UK. Free delivery on eligible orders.. Ready made for Hyundai Kona 。 2-pieces Front 。 Smoke 。 Product Description Wind deflectors for your Hyundai Kona 017- (front doors). By installing window visors you ensure that wind, rain and snow stay outside the car. This allows you to drive with partially open windows without the hassle of annoying wind and weather.。 Window visors, also called window spoilers, give a natural air circulation inside the car while driving with opened windows. For example, if you smoke in the car, the smoke is automatically blown out. Even the annoying wind noise decreases by the window spoilers. So you can comfortably reach higher speeds while driving with your windows partially open. You can also drive longer without air conditioning, since cool air can flow into the car.。 The window visors have an original fit specifically for your type of vehicle so they perfectly fit on your window frames. They have strong attachment points so they will not slip. The window visors are tinted and transparent, blocking intense sunlight, but there let enough light into your car. Because they are transparent you still have a good sight.。 Assembly:。 You can easily install and remove the window visors. The window visors kit includes a manual and on YouTube you can find many instructional videos.。 Advantages of window visors:。 1. TÜV approved。 . Less air conditioning usage because of natural air circulation。 3. Wind noise is greatly reduced。 4. If you smoke, your car smells fresher because the smoke is blown out。 5. Ready to fit shape and easy assembly 。 。 。

Climair P0021 Window Visors Black

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Climair P0021 Window Visors Black

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